5.1 - Three (3) points shall be awarded for a win and one (1) point for a draw. Standings shall be determined by total points won at the completion of the round robin stage of the Tournament.

5.2 - *NEW* The following criteria shall be used to determine the final standings if two (2) or more teams have an equal number of points at the end of the round robin stage of the Tournament:

  1. Greater number of Fair Play points, as identified in criteria 5.3.1;
  2. Goal differential;
  3. Goals for;
  4. Head to head result;
  5. Head to head goal differential;
  6. Head to head goals for:
  7. Coin toss, facilitated by the Tournament Committee, with the team who registered for the Tournament first assigned heads.

5.3 - Fair Play points are the primary tiebreaker in the Tournament and are intended to promote competition objectives and respect for the Laws of the Game, the opponent, the Tournament, the match officials and acceptance of their decisions, and maintaining decorum under all circumstances.

    5.3.1 - Teams shall begin each match with ten (10) Fair Play points and can receive the following non-accruing deductions:

    • One (1) point deducted for each yellow card;
    • Three (3) points deducted for each expulsion from two yellow cards;
    • Five (5) points deducted for each expulsion from a straight red card;
    • Seven (7) points deducted for each expulsion consisting of a yellow card and a straight red card;
    • Fifteen (15) points deducted for forfeiting a match or causing a match to be abandoned.
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