Caledonia Cup

Spectator/Parent Information 

The Caledonia Cup is sanctioned by the Alberta Soccer Association, the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association and the Scottish United Youth Soccer Club 

The Edmonton Scottish United Soccer Club looks forward to hosting you with everything you need provided on site.

 This will be a great weekend of soccer! 

Capacity Restrictions and Masking in Effect

Maximum of One spectator per player limit in the Dome. Plus accompanying children under 12 years of age.

The Dome continues to have a maximum capacity of 500 until March 1st.

Masking is required by all attendees 12 years or older at all times. Players can remove their masks only when on the playing field and it is recommended to re-mask when on the bench.

Additionally, all coaches and team staff members (whether on the field or in the technical area) must wear a mask properly at all times to ensure the safest possible match play environment.

Dressing rooms will not be available.

The website will be updated to reflect any changes by the Government of Alberta or City of Edmonton.

Spectators & Facility Passes

Dome entrance can be accessed via the Clubhouse breezeway.

Enter the Dome via the North revolving door and exit via the South door.

Spectators are not to cross through the centre of the field.

Entry to the Dome is $5 per day or $10 weekend passes are available inside the dome or the clubhouse bar. Weekend passes are transferable.

Season passes valid during tournament.


All matches will be played at:


3105-101 Street SW, Edmonton AB



3105-101 Street SW Clubhouse


Parking is available at the grounds. Please obey all parking lot attendants and signage. Any cars parked outside designated public parking areas will be towed.  

Absolutely NO parking in staff spots, in the drop off / turn around loop and the emergency access road between East and West lots.

Designated handicap spots are not the used as loading zones.

Scottish fields have an overflow lot on the West side of the complex. Access is through the main lot off Ewing Trail. Please note the 5km/hour speed limit on the thru-road. This is for the safety of all the guests and their children.

The parking lot is a busy place with young children in tow. Please schedule enough time to find a parking spot and get to your match in good time.

On Site Amenities & Activities

A First Aid supplies, defibrillator and ice are available on site. 

The Clubhouse Concession and Bar (kid-friendly) will selling food items, popcorn, candy, beverages,  and more.

Our Facilities are following the Restrictions Exemption Program. Anyone 12+ seated in the Clubhouse will be required to provide documentation.

There will be an ATM machine on site. 

Onsite parking (but as with any tournament, carpooling is suggested if possible). 

A no smoking policy is in effect on the grounds. 

***No dogs are allowed into the park***

 This policy will be strictly adhered to and there will be
no exceptions. Please ensure no one from your team brings
a dog as we do not want dogs in cars in the parking lot. 

Award Presentations (Medals)

Gold and Silver Medals (Bronze for U11s only)  will be presented to the winning teams directly after the final games have been played and results have been confirmed by tournament organizers.

Teams and individual players will then have the opportunity to take photographs with the Caledonia Cup Trophy. 

All medal presentations will be at the tournament site.  Your team will be informed of the medal presentation location directly after match completion. 

**Spectators be mindful of matches being played and keep of the fields while medals are being presented.**

Conduct on and off the Field

Any person on the Tournament Grounds will be expected to behave is a respectful manner conducive to a family event.

The Caledonia Cup tournament has zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour by or towards officials, coaches, players, spectators, parents, volunteers and staff. Any person behaving inappropriately will be required to leave the premises immediately. In extreme circumstances teams may be expelled from the tournament. 

Teams and/or individuals will be held financially responsible for any damage done to any of the facilities or grounds associated with the tournament. 

Rules of Play

This tournament will adhere to IFAB Laws of the Game and current ASA Rules. 

The Caledonia Cup Tournament shall abide by ASA Governance Documents, including the By-Laws, Governance Policies and Rules & Regulations. 

For IFAB/ASA U13-U19 11-a-side 2021 Laws of the Game:

U13-U19 Indoor Rule Modifications:


Each game shall consist of two 25 minute halves with a 3-minute break at halftime. 

Tournament officials have the right to shorten game times for scheduling purposes. Every effort will be made to retain official game lengths. 

Referees will be instructed not to add time to a match except under the most extenuating circumstances. However, all matches will be terminated not less than (3) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next match.

Teams must be ready to play exactly at game start time.

***Game times, location and opponents subject to change***

Scores are posted as soon as available, but subject to 
change in the event of a review

Tie Breaking Procedures

1-  Head to Head

2-  Goals Differential 

3-  Goals Against

4-  Goals For

5-  Coin Toss

Red Cards & Ejections

A coach, team official, or player receiving two cautions (yellow cards) in a single match is considered to have been given an ejection (red card) for the purposes of deducting points for the tournament competition.  A player who has been ejected (sent off) will not be eligible to play in the following match.

Any player or team official receiving 3 yellow cards during the tournament duration will be awarded a red card and must not play the following match. In this situation the team does not play down a man.

If in the opinion of the Centre Referee, a match must be terminated for misconduct by players, team officials or their spectators, the offending team forfeits that match and will be suspended from further play in all remaining matches which would be forfeited. Previous points earned and any right to a refund, awards or other consideration will be forfeited. In addition, the home league and governing Association will be contacted.

Any verbal abuse directed at committee members, referees or other volunteers will also result in suspension and ejection.

Referees have complete authority during all matches and will not allow abusive or profane language, threats of any kind or any style of play that detracts from the Game of Soccer.

Family Day Caledonia Cup


Soccer Dome Q1
3105 101 Street SW
Soccer Dome Q2
3105 101 Street SW
Soccer Dome Q3
3105 101 Street SW
Soccer Dome Q4
3105 101 Street SW
Soccer Dome T1
3105 101 Street SW
Soccer Dome T2
3105 101 Street SW
Soccer Dome T3
3105 101 Street SW